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A long road has been travelled by the fellas at Indyground Entertainment. Over the past decade Indyground has been consistently taking over local scenes and allowing them to strive and survive wherever they go. Promoting Hip Hop in the Midwest is not the easiest thing to do. Opening up the scenes to the next generation has been the most prevalent accomplishment of label owner Steddy P. Starting in Columbia, Missouri Indyground Entertainment was created in the midst of an eclectic gathering of minds from Kansas City and St. Louis. Indyground latched on to the remanences of what was left of a local scene and blew it up. He made it cool to go to hip hop shows again. After the success in Columbia Steddy was Feeling the pull back to his hometown and uprooted an already established label to Kansas City.

Kansas City’s rugged scene was not the most approachable for the new cats trying to make a name for themselves. To the surprise of many haters Indyground filled in the missing gaps of the local scene and starting to put on the newcomers. If you have been to a hip hop show in the last four years in Kansas City most likely it was promoted or affiliated with Indyground Entertainment. The label hosted a monthly event at the old Record Bar called Midwest Got Next that put on dozens of up and coming artists that would not have a chance in any other venue. And he paid them. He brought back Indyfest which is the biggest Hip Hop festival in Kansas City.

Indyground has now become a household names in the local scenes of Columbia, Kansas City and St. Louis but many don’t realize the impact that Indyground has across the Midwest. Indyground has close affiliations and often tours in Des Moines, Lawrence, Sioux City, Osh Kosh, Minneapolis, Chicago, Fort Collins, Denver and dozens of other cities that have made it on the tour schedule over the past decade. To date the label has released over 30 albums and dozens of EPs. Their video library on YouTube displays the evolution of the label and its artists through the visual interpretations of their songs. Their merchandise and stickers can be seen all across the country.

The 10 Year celebration is not something that you want to sleep on. All artists on Indyground Entertainment and artists under management through Indyground will be showcasing their talents through the spectacle of debauchery and bliss. Label artists performing include: Scotty Wu, J Bomb, Farout, DJ Mahf, and Steddy P. Management artists performing include: John Price, Second Hand King, and J-Izzie. This show is making its way to Kansas City, Mo at the new Record Bar, Lawrence at Replay Lounge, St. Louis and Columbia.

Come check it out and support Indyground Entertainment. IGE4L




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